Our inspirations from the web – Poland

The series our inspirations from the web is quite long and concerns many unusual places in the world that very often reappear in numerous accounts of subsequent travellers. That is why our greatest passion is discovering less typical or unobvious places. What does this mean for us? And they are completely off the beaten path, off the beaten track, and sometimes even devoid of pins on Google Maps or reports of subsequent travel bloggers.
In this episode, we present to you our inspirations from the web – Poland.


This text has been automatically translated from Polish to English. If you found any errors or you see something worth improving – let me know in the comment.

I live in Poland

Kult – I live in Poland

When it comes to Poland, we draw inspiration from many places, and this entry will be much more extensive in this respect than the others. This is due to several reasons. The first one is obvious – quoting Kazik Staszewski from Kult, “I live in Poland”. What’s more, it’s much easier and easier for us to write about it. In addition, we already have a lot of experience. Moreover, we have reached many corners of our country, and there is really a lot to write about.

Our inspirations from the web – ideas for Poland

SlowHop.com – never about i didn’t hear him. What is it?

SlowHop.com, czyli nasz pomysł z sieci na Polskę,  zrobić Hop w trybie Slow
SlowHop.com, our idea from the internet for Poland, to do a Hop in Slow mode

You may ask, “What is this Slow Hop? I’ve never heard of it. Probably some weirdo, nasty site, a gang of crooks, and they offer stay-in mud huts?”. And here’s a great surprise.
It’s quite a large group of travellers but also hosts, many of whom approach the subject a little less standard way than most of the “tourism industry”.
The platform itself has already reached the stage where it cannot be accused of a lack of maturity, significant functional deficiencies, or a relatively modest and limited offer.

What’s missing on SlowHop?

If someone is looking for large hotels where you are an anonymous figure in one of several hundred rooms, with all-inclusive, an extensive SPA offer, 5 restaurants, 3 discos and other fireworks, THIS IS THE WRONG ADDRESS. It is the complete opposite! No rush (hence probably Slow), no unnecessary rush, no unnecessary noise, no mass of strangers. Very often so close to nature that it’s hard to get closer, with jumping around the closer and further area (hence the title Hop in our opinion), always on the recommendation and on the advice of the hosts.
In principle, it can be summarized in three words – premium class agritourism</strong>.

That’s right – the hosts. It is an amazing platform that brings the extraordinary stories of the hosts and their places closer. On their basis thematic reviews with cool suggestions of places to visit are created. Thanks to the platform, we met a lot of great people, such as Ania and Grzesia leading Olzoja.

Easter away from home can be an amazing adventure and an opportunity to meet extraordinary people, such as Ania and Grześ from Olzoja

You must be wondering what must have happened to write about this.

When was the last time you were invited to a big family table for Easter breakfast? Just not so normal, but just when it wasn’t in the plans at all, and even more so, it wasn’t part of the “offer” you decided on well in advance, giving the hosts the opportunity to prepare?
We have just received such an extraordinary honour, and we are very grateful to fate for meeting such incredible people on our way.

Grześ is a big fan of horses. In the past, he took part in races, even in the Great Warsaw Race at Warsaw’s Służewiec Track. He still continues his passion, although now in a slightly different form. For guests who visit their agritourism, he organizes horse-drawn carriage rides. And this one is beautiful, but there is something even more beautiful. These are horses that this carriage is harnessed to.

Our girls couldn’t stop admiring how nice and well-groomed the horses are at Grzegorz’s farm

This is where we will certainly return, probably more than once.

SlowHop to już nie tylko Polska, ale masa fajnych kierunków w Europie
SlowHop is not only Poland, but a lot of cool directions in Europe

We have already completed several trips around our country with SlowHop, and as you read above, these are not ordinary and boring trips 🙂
After building a nice catalogue of offers in Poland, the time has come for our southern neighbours (Czech Republic and Slovakia), and today there are also offers located in Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, the Canary Islands, Georgia, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria and Lithuania.
Every month, our list of places worth visiting is getting longer, and this is probably the best reference.

Take a look at our inspirations from the web in Maurtius

Where else to look for inspiration for a trip to Poland?

In addition to SlowHop, we take a look at a few more portals and blogs. We will update the list below. We have quite a lot of them scattered around, and we need to collect everything in one place finally.
In the meantime, we invite you to take a look at our inspirations from the web – Poland.

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This text has been automatically translated from Polish to English. If you found any errors or you see something worth improving – let me know in the comment.